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Charity Resource Providers

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller

Effective Compassion

Local Charities Providing for Local Needs by Working Together

Calling Communities to Effective Compassion and Freedom from Welfare

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Interested in Starting a New Network in Your City?

Charity Resource Providers

is a quick and easy reference for charity services. This system is designed to help you find charities that offer the services and information your clients need.

Have a client in need of baby supplies? Simply click that button and see all the organizations in your area offering that service. It really is that easy.

Each charity in Charity Resources is responsible for providing and updating their own information. This ensures that Charity Resources’ information is kept accurate and up-to-date.

Join this collaborative network of charities, churches, and organizations to be a part of a greater community effort to eliminate poverty.

The Available Services screen of the Charity Resources website allows you to select specific services you are looking for to find lists of providers who can serve that need.

Charity Resources Lets You

Refer to Other Charities

You no longer have to feel helpless when a client comes to you with a need you cannot meet. Instead of sending them away, you can find an organization in your community that you know will be able to help. That is the power of Charity Resources. See what services other charities and organizations provide, read their requirements, view their hours, location, and contacts all from one easy to use website!

List Your Organization

List your organization’s information to allow other charities to refer to you! Categorize your organization by demographics and services so everyone knows exactly what resources you provide.

Charity Resources is a tool of True Charity Initiative.

About True Charity

It’s been said that dependency is merely slavery with a smiling mask. This initiative endeavors to empower communities to effectively care for their own neighbors in need in a way that empowers them, treats them with dignity, and helps them escape the trap of dependency so they can be freed to flourish. We believe True Charity is just, effective, and founded on faith. Find out more at